Fish Using the Localy Made Fishing Gun – Witu Island.

Local Fishing lifestyle would be the great activities for you in Witu.

You can experience our daily life firsthand, by accompanying local villagers in their daily tasks. You can go fishing with us: netting or angling with a locally made fishing rod, lazing off in the lagoon, or for the more adventurous, try spear fishing or diving or, accompany our villagers in to the forest, to gather food.

Lambe Primary School Hosted Mini Cultural Show.

LPS students get organized and displayed the treasured and significant cultures in their respective Clan Groups.

The Lambe Village Primary School in Witu Island hosted a magnificent cultural show within the of Teachers, Students and Parents.
Students were told to get themselves organized in their respective Clan groups and rehearsed on the very important cultural values that has to be showcase.
However, people were so amazed to see their children learning the important values of each cultural clan groups.

Note that our cultural values in our local villages are easily fading away. Nothing would sustain but we have the mandate to take responsibilities in such a ways on sustaining our cultures.

Launch of our new website

We have launched our website, to promote our island as a Tourist Destination. It is a result of the Tourism course I undertook in Kokopo, my hard work at Tourism promotion office and the contacts I developed.

It is still a work-in-progress. Hope to add more appealing pictures that would showcase our island and our village-life.